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About Us

What does Wurv mean anyway? We get asked all the time, and the answer seems to vary. We are still trying to answer that question ourselves. (We have no question what WE stand for though – it’s YOU!) Originally, back in 2002, I watched the movie “Antitrust,” not the greatest movie, but the “big software” company was named NURV. Even back then in 2002 a four letter domain name was hard to get, so off I went to grab something that still sounded like a word but could be a brand.  So I typed ….  AURV, BURV, CURV….. and so on. Of all the ones that were available, Wurv sounded the best. I even had a tagline ready “Funny Name, Serious Savings.”

Today, I’d say that Wurv means success in YOUR business.  Maybe it’s because we “Wurv you a lot.”


Here For You

We’ve been helping others get their name out since 2005.  From stickers, to apparel, and way way beyond, we have the passion and track record to get the job done.

More Than The “Stuff”

With business building programs that focus on results not just throwing your name out there and hoping for the best, you’ll be amazed at the ROI.  Plus you’ll have increased customer loyalty – and that’s hard to put a price on.